How to Stop Funding Hate

Daily Mail

The Daily Mail may not want you to share these tactics

What do to if you find hate speech online

Find an advertiser / company on the page

The Daily - Hateful Headline with 'Buy Me' advertiser

2.Take a screenshot of the advertiser

A screenshot of the headline and advertiser one a mobile phont

Write a polite message to the company

A polite message

Contact them via social media or post

Dear advertiser...


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Stop Funding Hate supporters have already helped to bring about significant changes in the UK press.

But we know there’s still a way to go before we have a media that treats everyone fairly – and that there may be challenging times ahead.

So we’ve teamed up with Ethical Consumer magazine to launch a new set of free online resources to share knowledge of the #StopFundingHate campaigning model more widely.

How to write a compelling message to an advertiser

Make a visual link between the advertiser and the hate

Hateful Headline. Buy Me!When you find a company advertising alongside hate, take a screenshot or a photo. Making a visual link will immediately get a brand’s attention.

Make it personal

If you feel comfortable, speaking out can be more compelling if you explain why you personally care about the hate. One personal message can persuade a brand to pull its ads.

Give brands the benefit of the doubt

Many brands won’t even know where their own online ads are appearing. Assuming they’re onside can therefore be very powerful: “surely (brand name) doesn’t want to be aligned with this?”

Share on social media

Red, sketched Facebook and Twitter logosSo that others can share your post and build the pressure. Tag @stopfundinghate

Even a small number of messages to advertisers can sometimes make a big difference. And the success of our allies around the world, such as Sleeping Giants is a further testament to the power of this type of campaigning:

Eight tips for writing a compelling Twitter post

Be the change Communicate in a non-hateful way and focus on positive change

Find the angles that are difficult to disagree with

Tap into common values that transcend the political spectrum e.g. “every life is precious”

Avoid arguments that help reinforce unhelpful narratives

Have short, simple messages

Include an action that people can take

Tag relevant organisations or individuals including @StopFundingHate and the company

Use hashtags for relevant topics e.g. #StartPreadingLove

Building the fightback against hate by sharing tactics

At its heart, Stop Funding Hate is about a single, simple idea: By using our power as consumers to encourage big brands to advertise ethically, and stop funding toxic media, we can counteract the financial incentives that currently make hateful clickbait profitable. And if enough of us take action, we can ultimately make hate unprofitable for good.

Stop Funding Hate is part of a growing global movement of online campaigns pushing back against hate by applying this simple idea. Rather than trying to solve this problem alone, we think it will be more effective to work with like-minded groups in the UK and internationally, sharing knowledge and tactics wherever possible.

So a key part of our longer-term strategy is to work to empower as many people as possible to run their own campaign actions using the tactics that we’ve found success with.

Six ways to spot hate speech

Hate speech can come in many forms. Look out for…


Characterising the group as ‘aggressive’, ‘dirty’ or ‘criminal’ or in other negative terms.

Incitement to violence

Calling for the target group to be attacked or killed – including in code terms e.g. ‘they need wiping out’.

Incitement to discrimination

Calling for members of the target group to be denied equal treatment, be denied voting rights.

Toxic disinformation

Falsely linking the target group to violent, criminal or morally corrupt behaviour.


Portraying the target groups as subhuman, e.g. as ‘rats’, a ‘swerm’, ‘plague’ or ‘infestation’.

"Accusation in a mirror"

Claiming the target group is conspiring to attack the wider population and poses a threat.

How you can help

You can help by sharing this this page on Facebook or Twitter, using the hashtag #HowToStopHate – and forwarding it to anyone you know who might be interested.

We’ve also developed social media assets that you can share directly on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to spread the word that way.

If you’re able to help build our movement tackling hate in the UK and internationally, please consider becoming a committed supporter and making a regular donation.

Your support could help Stop Funding Hate to develop more online resources, train more campaigners, and continue our campaigning work directly challenging toxic media by engaging with advertisers.