The eight core principles of #StopFundingHate

If you share our values, please consider becoming a committed supporter.

1. We tell the truth

In campaigning for an honest and fair media, we apply the highest possible standards of accuracy to our own communications. At a time when misinformation is widespread, it’s vital that we “be the change” we want to see.

2. We prioritise campaigning effectiveness

We value the time and energy that Stop Funding Hate supporters invest in our campaign. We always apply those resources as effectively as possible, by developing campaign actions that stand a strong chance of bringing about real-world change. We regularly review our tactics to improve our approach, and seek to learn from the success of other campaigns around the world.

3. We oppose all forms of hate

We believe that the best way to challenge hate is by working together to tackle all forms of it. We oppose hatred and discrimination on the grounds of race, religion, nationality, migration status, sexuality, sex or gender identity, disability or any other protected characteristic. There is no place for any form of hatred within our supporter community.

4. We are community-driven

We’re a people-powered campaign, driven and led by our supporter community. We believe that those most directly affected by prejudice and hate are best-placed to identify it – and must be at the heart of efforts to push back. We recognise that hate can be expressed in subtle or coded ways, which may not be obvious to everyone – and that we are on a learning curve about the ways that discrimination plays out within our society.

5. We support all human rights

While our primary focus is on hate and discrimination, we support all human rights and our work builds on the methods and traditions of the global human rights movement. We are committed to ensuring that all of our campaigning is consistent with the principles outlined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

6. We are non-partisan

We are a “big tent” campaign, and welcome the support of people across the political spectrum. We recognise that discrimination exists throughout society and believe that challenging hate is a matter of right and wrong, not left and right.

7. We are committed to positive campaigning

We are committed to keeping our tone positive, constructive, polite and friendly, and “disagreeing agreeably”. We want to see a less polarised public discourse and believe that fighting hate with hate only leads to more of the same. We oppose personal abuse in all circumstances and discourage online “pile-ons” against any individual.

8. We support global co-operation to make hate unprofitable

We’re committed to supporting like-minded groups around the world who share our goals and values. The advertising industry is global in nature, and the same factors that have made hate profitable in the UK have also fuelled a surge in hateful media across the world. We believe that global co-operation will be needed to bring about systemic change and make hate unprofitable for good.

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