GB News advertisers – September update

Sky UK and GB News – a question of values

Stop Funding Hate volunteers have seen very few high profile brands advertising on GB News this week.

One of the few big-name advertisers still appearing is Sky, with adverts for their mobile and broadband services filling many of this week’s GB News ad break slots.

As well as being a regular advertiser, Sky Media handle all of the advertising sales for GB News. This may partly explain why they’ve continued to appear on the channel when so many other brands have pulled out.

Sky’s association with GB News seems to stand in stark contrast with their company values.

Alongside Sky’s collaboration with GB News, they are listed as a principal partner for this year’s COP26 global conference on climate change. Sky even have a dedicated Twitter account highlighting their commitment to addressing the climate issue.

By contrast, GB News has been called out by Desmog over its climate change coverage, and has aired commentary dismissing UN climate warnings as “climate alarmism”, “hysterical” and “designed to cause fear”.

Sky have also claimed to be the “most LGBT-inclusive media company” – yet they continue to enable a TV channel which has been accused of “demonising trans people at every opportunity”.

If you’re a Sky TV, mobile or broadband customer, you can take action by sending them a polite & friendly tweet highlighting your concerns, urging them to pull their advertising from GB News.

Other GB New advertisers

Following last month’s amazing effort by Led By Donkeys, Sainsburys say that they have ended their advertising with GB News. Since then we have seen no UK supermarket advertising on the channel, and very few other major retailers.

Apart from Sky, Kelloggs, Burger King and the National Lottery were the only high profile brands that Stop Funding Hate volunteers saw advertising on GB News this week.

Other GB News advertisers included:

Pure Cremation, The Gold Bullion Company, Buy Bullion, Direct Bullion, NM Money Gold, Rosland Gold

Zen Auto, AM Philips Trucks, Harwoods Cars, Nathaniel Cars, Cuvva Car Insurance

The NHS, Postcode Lottery, Kardiamobile, H20HD, Dormeo Octasmart, Pitch Perfect Camping

Duguud, Deva Racing Syndicate, Appeal Blinds, Tiger Balm, Allplants

It’s worth remembering that some of the advertisers listed above may be unaware that they have been appearing on GB News, as the agency that handles ad sales for GB News also sells advertising across a range of other channels.

What next?

Together we’re showing the strength of public opposition to “Fox News style” TV in Britain – and we’re seeing that when enough of us speak out, the companies we shop with will respond.

But with the Telegraph now reporting that GB News is planning to remodel and relaunch itself, it’s vital to keep engaging with advertisers.

You can help to strengthen and build our campaign by making a donation here.

You can also take action by contacting one of the companies listed above via Twitter, Facebook or email, urging them to rethink their association with GB News, and explaining why this matters to you.

It’s most effective if you send a message in your own words, but here’s some background information that might be useful:

There’s more information here about Stop Funding Hate, and the impact of our campaign so far. If you’re able to help build our movement tackling toxic media, please consider becoming a committed supporter and making a regular donation.