GB News advertisers – Week 2

Following a huge effort by #StopFundingHate supporters. A number of brands have publicly announced that they are pulling or “pausing” their advertising on GB News. Several others who featured on last week’s list have made no public announcement, but have not been seen on the channel so far this week by #StopFundingHate volunteers.

Brands that we have seen advertising in recent days include:

Sainsbury’s, Pringles, Virgin Media, Microsoft Teams

Tui, KardiaMobile, Marks Electrical

NM Money Gold, Ford, Wickes

Flagstone, Tu clothing, Etoro, Halfords

Select Car Leasing, Discovery Plus

Direct Bullion, Haus Awning,

Postcode lottery, MoneySupermarket, AM Phillips Ford dealer, War of the Worlds Experience, Lebara

Itchpet, Leovegas,, Affordable Mobiles

Mueller Light, Dormeo, On the Market, Pink Casino

Slot Boss Gambling

There’s more information here about Stop Funding Hate, and the impact of our campaign so far. If you’re able to help build our movement tackling toxic media in the UK and internationally, please consider becoming a committed supporter and making a regular donation.