Three has recently advertised in the Sun and Daily Express – as you can see from our daily advertiser tweets.

Three’s latest advertising campaign features the ‘giraffe-amingo’ and uses the strap line ‘Go Roam’. According to Three, the giraffe-amingo represents freedom, which is how their customers feel when they’re using the network. However, these ideals often clash with the the content Three is funding. The Sun and Daily Express often demonise people from other countries, Muslims, the LGBTQ+ community, disabled people, and more.

Three also say that:

“Customer feedback is crucial to building a sustainable business…For our retail businesses, customers have a range of channels to engage the company such as customers service centres, focus groups, and where appropriate, social networking pages.”

So if you’re a Three customer, please let them know it’s time for them to #StartSpreadingLove.