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The Coop 2019-03-06T14:26:40+00:00

Co-op members backed the Responsible Advertising resolution!

96% of Co-op members voted for our Responsible Advertising motion – a huge win that shows just how much people care about how the money they spend with the Co-op is used.

So what next?

The Co-op Board has promised to reflect on the vote, and report back to members on their deliberations. Stop Funding Hate will be writing to them soon to offer our support on this issue. We’ll also be contacting the Co-op National Members Council to thank them for backing our resolution, which was a vital endorsement.

This isn’t the end of the process – we’ll all need to keep the Co-op on track and encourage them to truly #StopFundingHate. Please join the campaign to keep up with all things Co-op.