“Threats and abuse can never destroy an idea”
Stop Funding Hate takes action over malicious communications

Stop Funding Hate has been the subject of threatening messages, targeting both the campaign collectively and individuals within our team, which we have reported to the police.

We will not be intimidated. Stop Funding Hate will continue challenging hate and misinformation within UK public discourse, and campaigning for a media that tells the truth, and treats everyone fairly.

On the contrary, such abuses only highlight the urgent need for a more compassionate public debate, and an end to inflammatory personal attacks.

At its core, Stop Funding Hate is an idea – a people-powered online community working together to challenge all forms of hate, and bring about a fairer and more honest media.

Threats and abuse can never destroy an idea. For as long as some media outlets continue pushing hate for profit, people from affected communities will keep finding ways to organise together and push back.

Together we are showing that love is stronger than hate.

But the vilification of human rights campaigners can have real-world consequences. We will have more to say about this in due course.

In the meantime, we will take action against anyone who sends malicious communications, via email or social media, to – or about – our team members.

If you’d like to help defend Stop Funding Hate’s work, you can make a donation here.


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