“Fox-style” GB News reveals losses of £30 million

After GB News was trailed as a “British Fox News”, thousands of #StopFundingHate supporters took action to encourage advertisers to steer clear of the “anti-woke” TV channel.

Now the controversial media outlet has revealed a staggering £30 million loss – while the CEO has repeatedly complained about the impact of #StopFundingHate on the channel’s business model.

From an early stage, there were clear and obvious warning signs about the likely direction of GB News – and sadly these initial concerns have been amply borne out.

Soon after the channel launched, one of its own contributors quit and accused GB News of “demonising trans people at every opportunity”. Just last month, the Board of Deputies of British Jews called them out for platforming “organisations that promote antisemitic conspiracy theories”. Earlier this month the broadcasting regulator Ofcom pulled them up for airing “materially misleading” statements about COVID vaccines.

So it’s no surprise that so many major advertisers have been avoiding GB News – but there are still some outliers, including Jet 2 HolidaysVirgin Media and Sky.

If you’re a customer of any of these companies, you can help by emailing or tweeting to encourage them to rethink their support for GB News.

And if you’d like to help keep up the pressure, you can support Stop Funding Hate’s work here.