GB News advertisers – October update

Sky fills the gaps…

Continuing September’s trend, high-profile brands are still steering clear of GB News, according to Stop Funding Hate volunteers.

One of the few remaining big-name brands is Sky UK. Adverts for their products, from mobile via broadband to streaming services, keep filling many of GB News’s ad break slots.

With the COP26 global conference on climate change fast approaching, Sky’s association with GB News stands in stark contrast with their company values, especially as adverts publicising Sky Zero – the company’s promise to go net zero carbon by 2030 – appear in between programmes undermining climate action.

Sky is listed as a principal partner for this year’s COP26 conference, and even has a dedicated Twitter account highlighting their commitment to addressing the climate issue.

If you’re a Sky TV, mobile or broadband customer, you can take action by sending them a polite & friendly tweet highlighting your concerns, urging them to pull their advertising from GB News – a channel that has been called out over its climate change coverage.

Other GB News advertisers

Alongside Sky, other bigger brands still advertising on GB News are Freeman’s, the National Lottery, the NHS, the Royal Marines and the Royal Navy.

New advertisers have included JML, GinTing, Gnaw Vegan Chocolate and the Norfolk Feather Company.

Other advertisers spotted recently include:

Age Partnership, Appeal Blinds, Direct Bullion, The Gold Bullion Company, Haus Awning, Key Equity Release, ZenAuto, Money Supermarket, Centre Point, eXroid, Nytol, Raging Bull Biltong, Pitch Perfect Camping, Dormeo, Pure Cremation, and Rosland Gold