Stop Funding Hate urges Virgin Group to end advertising with the Daily Mail

Following news that Virgin Trains has stopped supplying the Daily Mail to customers, Stop Funding Hate is urging Virgin Group to end its advertising with the newspaper.

Freedom of choice

Stop Funding Hate is all about freedom of choice. We aren’t calling for any publication to be removed from sale. Our sole focus is on advertising.

The Daily Mail is free to print what it likes within the law. Equally, if you are affected by media hate, or concerned about media hate, then you have the right to ask the companies you shop with not to use the money you spend with them to advertise in publications that fuel hatred and discrimination.

Virgin Trains is free to choose which newspapers it does or doesn’t stock. Clearly a range of factors have influenced this decision, including concerns raised by employees. But having recognised that the Daily Mail’s coverage runs contrary to its values, we hope that Virgin will now publicly commit to ending its advertising with this newspaper.

Ask Virgin to take action

If you are a Virgin Group customer, please send them a polite and friendly tweet encouraging them to clarify their stance on the advertising issue.