Stop Funding Hate is all about consumer choice

If you are affected by media hate, or concerned about media hate, then you have the right to use your voice as a consumer to ask the companies you shop with not to advertise in newspapers that publish hateful, inflammatory and divisive stories.

Stop Funding Hate recognises that everyone will make their own choices about where they do and don’t shop. For most people it would be impossible to avoid every company that has recently advertised in the Daily Mail, Sun or Daily Express. Equally, we know that many Stop Funding Hate supporters are choosing to “vote with their wallet” in some cases.

So we respect whatever choices Stop Funding Hate supporters make, and will try to give a voice to as wide a range of people as possible. But we are not ourselves campaigning for a boycott of any advertiser. Our role is to provide information, so that customers can make their own decisions.